The Stage Bottles don't like being pigeon-holed as an Oi! band but this is probably the easiest way to describe them. Going through various lineup adjustments throughout the years without compromising the band's overall musical character, the Stage Bottles have pioneered their own identifiable skinhead sound; the hallmarks of ska and reggae appropriately lifted long before the unfortunate era of 'ska-punk'.

The Bottles are not afraid to break from the standard fare for this genre, frequently serving up a fresh and - for lack of a better description - 'fun' means of delivery. As a German band, they sing in English... the lyrics sometimes come out a bit off, but this merely adds to their charm; the sentiment and heart never mistaken. Lyrically, they cover the spectrum on personal topics of the subculture; having a laugh and having a say, as well as commenting on broader social issues.

The Stage Bottles made their start in 1993 and had a bit of a political edge from the beginning, partly due to the fact that one member used to be in The Blaggers. By 1994 the fascists cottoned onto the fact that members of the band were active anti-fascists, so the Bottles began to organize their own security at gigs. Things came to a head when they played with Cocksparrer in Stuttgart in April 1995. The fascists made threats before the gig, warning the Stage Bottles "not to come to Stuttgart". To make a long and messy story short, the gig then went ahead, minus fascists, and to this day the fascists have never stopped threatening revenge. But it's been business as usual for the Bottles, who have since flown over to North America under the Insurgence banner to play to their dedicated fans this side of the ocean.

Over the years, the Stage Bottles have survived through thick and thin, issuing many releases across several labels and traveling to bring their saxaphone-powered streetpunk to fans as far afield as Russia, where it's not so easy to make a stand and have a say. The Stage Bottles do what they do best: bridge the gap between generations of skins and punks with their melodic brand of street music.


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