THE PROWLERS - On The Run 10" - Red-in-black Vinyl

Just when you thought it was safe to head down to the local bar for a quiet pint, The Prowlers are back again! Bolstered by probably their strongest lineup to date, they serve up their latest offering on Insurgence. ON THE RUN comes to you in the 10" vinyl format. 7 tracks of Prowlers mayhem packaged with a pull-out photo and lyric sleeve.

Be warned that this is an ultra-limited first pressing! The Insurgence version features Red - in - Black vinyl (200 units). Our friends at Aggrobeat in Europe are issuing a version on grey and red splatter vinyl (200 units). Finally, our friends to the south at Longshot Music will be carrying 100 units on standard black vinyl.

See the band on tour and for a limited time, they will be selling all three versions!


RAZORS IN THE NIGHT - Never Give In - 12"
Swamp Green w/ Double Mint Splatter Vinyl

RAZORS IN THE NIGHT are a band from Boston who deftly bridge the blurring divide between American hardcore and Oi! As older fans of Insurgence know, our label has issued a lot from this genre. Put simply, we're big fans of RITN.

This makes us all the more proud to be releasing a Limited Edition colour configuration for their latest full-length slab of vinyl, DON'T GIVE IN. Swamp Green with Double Mint Splatter vinyl, to be precise! The packaging is a masterpiece of die-cut gate-fold glory that is currently resulting in some manufacturing delays. As for the album itself, every track is a hammer! Find out for yourself once it finally comes out, but in the meantime....


THE BOIS - The Pride of Lion City - 23 Skinhead Anthems You Mistakenly Thought You Could Live Without

If you haven't heard THE BOIS yet, this will be a good jumping-on point! THE PRIDE OF LION CITY is a double album collection of everything the band issued prior to HIGH ON OI! and you need to hear this. What's that, you say? You already downloaded these tracks from a crappy free Oi! for all blog-shite? No, you didn't. Coz these tracks have been completely remastered. Some of the originals suffered from censorship, but these versions have had the swearing restored to their intended glory.

This collection contains their first two albums, CREAM OF THE CROPS and NEW GENERATION, together with material that didn't make it onto the originals, as they were intended: LOUD, UNCOMPROMISING, and SWEARING INTACT. This Limited Edition set comes in a 2-disc poly-case with a gold-printed slipcover and a pull-out poster documenting the history of The Bois in the context of Southeastern skinhead culture. Collectors should not miss this!


THE BOIS - High On Oi! - Official North American and
European Release

THE BOIS finally see the official release of their most recent full length, backed up by Insurgence in North America and our friends at Aggrobeat in Europe. Initial format for this release is a limited press, completely remastered on digipack CD format, complete with a pullout lyric and photo insert.

The punk/oi! realm over here may be vinyl-manic right now, but in many places throughout the world where Insurgence operates, the kids still hold the CD format close to their hearts. A vinyl release for High On Oi! will be issued at a later date.

This album packs in thirteen skinhead anthems as only The Bois can deliver. After all, this ain't a bunch of trendy kids in Fred Perry going through the motions and calling it 'street-punk'. This is SKINHEAD!


THE BOIS - Till I Die 7" - Special Edition Released
for European Tour

Singaporean street-soldiers, THE BOIS breached Western shores for their first European tour at the tail end of 2012. With the Insurgence Netherlands Division at the wheel, The Bois hit Germany, France and the Czech Republic, where fans got switched on to the phenomenon that has dominated the Eastern Oi! scene for a decade.

To commemorate the event, the band issued a Limited Edition single to take on the road with them. SIDE 1 features the exclusive title track, 'Till I Die'. SIDE 2 features an exclusive studio version of 'United We Stand' by OPPRESSED LCS, which is The Bois fronted by Roddy Moreno. Of the entire 1st pressing, 200 records were pressed on Deluxe 2-colour half-and-half Black and White vinyl!



Bishops Green are a Vancouver-based act coming from a tradition of east-coast Canadian streetpunk bands like Alternate Action, the Subway Thugs and the Lancasters, drawing their influences from European groups like Blitz, The Clash, The Stiff Little Fingers, Cock Sparrer, the Partisans and Leatherface; to hardcore acts from the U.S. like the Authorities, Naked Raygun and Minor Threat. If you missed 'em on their recent travels through eastern Canada, fear not. We're going to have them back soon.

Last year, Bishops Green issued a Limited Edition 2nd pressing of their debut untitled 12" mini-LP. This pressing was issued across several North American and European labels on exclusive coloured vinyl configurations. Insurgence received 100 units on Black-n-Blue Splattered vinyl and then sat on them..... until now!

Don't miss your last chance to pick up this elusive 2nd pressing. Comes with a digital download card.


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