"Friendship and music mean everything." Words to live by from Hold A Grudge, a hardcore-punk band from Montreal, Quebec.

Formed in 2004 by Dan 86 (guitar), Mat (guitar), JEEE-P (vocals) and Pierre-Luc (vocals), the group originally got together as an excuse to drink and party. But following a self- released demo (2005) and a self-titled full length (2006 on Troika Records), it soon became evident that this union was particularly apt at creating solid hardcore punk. Many shows followed, both in and out of town, and Hold A Grudge garnered a strong fan base.

After going through countless lineup changes, notably with Pierre-Luc leaving the group in 2008, the band finally settled as a 5-piece with Dom (of Self Control) on drums and Steve (of And The Saga Continues) on bass. Under this lineup, the band issued the ambitious 'Doing Time' on Insurgence.

What sets Hold A Grudge apart from the rest of the pack is the unique way they blend related musical sub-genres into one cohesive, energetic entity. Their love and respect for the punk, Oi! and hardcore bands of yesteryear is evident and contagious, yet they manage to build something new with substance.



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