In 2001 The Class Assassins dropped this 2 song 7", No Justice No Peace / One Tin Soldier. One Tin Soldier is a cover tune and was originally recorded by the Canadian band 'Original Caste' in 1969. Interestingly, the song was also featured on the album 'Trapped In A World' by Toronto's 'Direct Action' back in the 80s. Dave, the Class Assassin’s bass player was also Direct Action's bass player.

BONUS: The digital version of the single features an unreleased version of 'For The Kids'.

FORMAT: 7" vinyl EP

400 x black
100 x clear




"This is European-style streetpunk with a frenetic, melodic edge. It's a catchy and captivating foot-stompin' aural romp that includes a rousing upbeat original ('No Justice…') and an up-tempo punk rock cover of 'One Tin Soldier' (the theme song from the classic hippy flick, 'Billy Jack'). Indeed, this is a sonically riveting 7" throughout both sides, and I feel wholeheartedly compelled to fervently recommend it to you all."


"Congrats to these guys for being the first Canadian group to record a track for TKO records. Merging together amidst the ashes of various Canadian street punk acts such as the Vacant Lot, Chronic Submission, and the Problem Children, Toronto’s Class Assassins kick it in a Stiff Little Fingers/Sham 69 kinda way. Two tracks up for grabs here, starting with the subversive sonnet; 'No Justice No Peace', and flipping to the slightly altered cover of 'One Tin Soldier'. A fine fix of genuine street punk for the true."

Maximum RocknRoll

"The title track is as good a street punk song as I’ve heard in awhile, it doesn't ram the music or lyrics down your throat, the chorus work is typically chanted, but not overwhelming the rest of the song. The B-side is a slightly altered lyrically version of 'One Tin Soldier', but it gets the point across anyway; that the end result of war is a whole lot of blood and not much else. A good 7 inch in a genre that needs more bands like this, rather than the cliched Oi! stuff that’s primarily out there now."

Shredding Paper


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