HOLD A GRUDGE - Doing Time

HOLD A GRUDGE - Doing Time

HOLD A GRUDGE drop their most powerful release yet as they ensure hardcore fans get more of the unmatched sound and fury they've come to expect from the close-knit Montreal scene. HAG's love and respect for the punk, oi! and hardcore subgenres are evident here as the band manage to deliver a cohesive and energetic audio attack that smacks you in the face with originality. Guest vocals on 'Time's Up' by Chaney (Inepsy), who is also responsible for the cover artwork.




"Hardcore punks Hold A Grudge know how to make a riff stick: by nail-gunning it to your noodle. The beauty of knowing what you're doing reveals itself in the command of the tools of your trade, and the Montreal five-piece show themselves to be master craftsmen on this sophomore release, graduates of the old school of punk and hardcore where power and precision drove your points home. Hold A Grudge reference much in the way of both East and West Coast hardcore of yore, as well as British punk and Oi! of yesteryear, but veteran sensibilities keep the gang vocals, rolling drum thunder and flying up-front guitars both fat and fresh, and fans of the form will be hard-pressed to find any doing it better." Jamie O'Meara


"HOLD A GRUDGE are a hardcore Oi! band from Canada, the difference between them and stuff I've heard from this mixture is that these guys are really good. Really tight songs, that are of a medium pace - say late 80's h/c mixed with chanty sing-a-longs. Breakdowns coupled with tight melodic tuneful riffage. Think of VISION, 7 SECONDS, YOUTH BRIGADE, AGNOSTIC FRONT and WARZONE. Good lyrics to boot, concentrating on instilling self belief in what you strive for - really excellent. The artwork is done by Chaney of INEPSY, who also does guest vocals on their song "Time's Up." Plus a rousing cover of "Drunken Sailor" (in this case it's "Drunken Skinhead")."

Profane Existence

"Hold A Grudge are a new band to me but this twelve track album has left me wanting to hear more. If you're into early American HC like I am then you'll be in for a bit of treat. These guys are influenced by the likes of Agnotic Front, 7 Seconds, Warzone and Youth Brigade so just from that you know this is gonna rock! There's some spot on musicianship and wicked vocal delivery that leaves you wondering why this band aren't bigger than they are. It's great to see a HC band that hasn't take it to the extreme. Tracks to check out include 'Those Days', 'Doing Time', 'The Kids' and 'Trust To Last' which once heard you'll sure want to hear them again! Comes with a decent production and decent packaging." 7.5/10

Street Voice


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