Germany's STAGE BOTTLES are back in active service with a new full length CD entitled "New Flag". The North American version features exclusive artwork and a bonus 13th track from the band's contribution to the Hooligan Streetwear compilation.




"4th or 5th (I reckon) full length from these longtime virulently anti-fascist German skinheads. And with this one, they've taken the melody, controlled fury and channeled aggression to new heights. At times, they almost have a poppy feel. Think of the best of early BUSINESS ("Official Bootleg" era) and early BLITZ (first album) combined with above average lyrics, and a healthy dose of sax, and you're away." (RK)

"A Frankfurt, Germany band with a real infectious street punk sound that borrows heavily from pop sensibilities (as far as song structures go: verse, chorus, verse kind of thing). Like a UK Subs/Bad Manners collaboration of sorts on the surface, but yet the Stage Bottles end up sounding more and more like Leatherface's singer fronting Infa Riot; the lyrics are straight-up working class and of the anti-fascist variety but still Oi! to the core. This one's for the skinheads; it'll have ya hoisting the pints till the sun comes up. Makes me think about how great Skrewdriver could have been had they not succumb to nationalism and Nazi, swastika-toting bullshit. Some quality music, that's what the Stage Bottles deliver." (Greg)


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