THE BOIS - High On Oi!

THE BOIS - High on Oi


THE BOIS see the official release of their most recent full length, backed up by Insurgence in North America and our friends at Aggrobeat in Europe. This album packs in thirteen skinhead anthems as only The Bois can deliver. Initial format for this release is a limited press, completely remastered on digipack CD format, complete with a pullout lyric and photo insert.

FORMAT: Digipack



Last week I reviewed “The Pride Of The Lion City” double CD release by Insurgence Records and Aggrobeat, but around the same time these two labels teamed up for yet anothe...r The Bois reissue. This time it’s their third, and so far latest, full-length “High On Oi!”. Originally released by the band themselves in 2010 and with just 100 CD-R copies pressed practically impossible to find for anyone outside of the ‘Lion City’.

“High On Oi!” contains a total of thirteen tracks and has a running time of well over 55 minutes. So if you read my previous review on these guys you might notice not much has changed since their last album “New Generation” and this one, besides there’s six years between both. The long (for Oi! and punk standards) songs are still there and contain everything you would expect if you heard their previous work, full of melody, epic guitar solos and sing-along choruses. Especially the two songs in a row, “High On Oi!” and “Lion City Skinheads”, are an excellent example of what The Bois are about and are tracks of pure class!

So unless you are an Adelphi, Singapore resident or by any coincidence was an expat there around the time this album originally came out, there is no chance in hell you ever heard these songs before! But now with this proper release in a nice looking digipak and a booklet containing all lyrics and pictures it’s about time you do, because The Bois are the living proof that bands from their end of the world are still able to play top of the class Oi! music! Highly recommended!

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