Skinhead Rock-n-Roll Stuttgart, since 1992. Their powerful songs immediately made an impact and were catchy tunes. A series of gigs across the country followed that first success.

Loved by many, loathed by others, the Produzenten were always polarising. Some weren't sure how to handle them, their lyrics often dealing with alcohol and violence, while on the other hand the band's basic consensus was to strictly deny fascism. This basic tenet went as far as fighting during their own shows to hit the point home. Contrary to the trend for certain German Oi! bands to 'run with the hare and hunt with the hounds', the Produzenten always cut their own path and didn't sell their souls in order to appease the common denominator.

After a break-up in 1996, a reunion followed five years later. Since that reunion the Produzenten rocked the boat again and pushed their sounds to a wider audience worldwide. The band connected with Insurgence and made big plans, but shortly thereafter - for many reasons - went into freefall. PDF is no more. A split album with The Prowlers serves as a surviving document to the good times had on tour by the respective label-mates.


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