The NORTHERN AGGRESSION sampler series featured the hardest selections from Insurgence bands - several of them unreleased - accompanied by tracks from other bands in our orbit.

The first edition of the series came out when digital music was becoming a phenomenon. A bonehead record label in the United States issued a compilation called 'Project Schoolyard', designed to be handed out as a youth recruitment tool for fascist skinheads. On short notice, Insurgence countered with 'Project Boneyard', an effort that saw the mass download and distribution of our own compilation in an effective counter-campaign. In retrospect, it was fairly impressive considering the fuss involved with burning the discs and downloading, cutting out and gluing together the CD jacket templates! Supporters of REAL street music really ran with the campaign. The discs were everywhere!

In response to a second wave of bonehead propaganda in 2010, Project Boneyard Volume II hit the field. Several runs pressed in batches of 10,000 (actual CDs in jackets this time) were shipped exclusively across the United States. From this edition, the 'Northern Aggression' title was born and today, the title lives on as the moniker of the yearly Insurgence festival.

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