Hailing from Baltimore, USA, Fighting Chance formed in the summer of 2001, after two years of failed attempts to get a band started. They had one simple goal in mind; to play political street punk and to play it aggressively. Their first year as a band was marked by incredible highs and incredible lows, with two major lineup changes, a slew of bad gigs and a handful of great ones. FC stuck it out through the rough times to come out on the other side with a fine tuned lineup, ready to take their brand of no-compromise street rock to the world.

And for awhile, that is exactly what they did. Thug Rock with a Bachelors in Political Science was the initial result. The no-compromise, gruff vocal delivery of frontman Bullseye, backed by some incredibly talented musicians, put FC on the map in the US. During this time period, they really stood out from the rest of the pack too. When the National Alliance came to town, FC laid the soundtrack to the anti-fascist welcoming party that flattened the bus and wrapped a tire iron around the organizer's head. 'Baltimore 1 - Nazis 0', as the legal benefit compilation would be titled.

It wasn't long before the band discovered Insurgence Records. The label was featured on a VH1 production on 'hate-rock'. Bullseye immediately got in touch. From there, the band went from playing out locally, to touring across Eastern Canada to a large and very captivated skinhead audience. FC was garnering positive press worldwide. They pounded out amazing releases left and right.

Then, it all went sideways. For whatever reason, momentum clearly got ahead of them and they went into a tailspin. Having weathered various storms throughout the years, the soldiers of Fighting Chance returned from their tour of duty for the last time in Spring 2005. Enough was enough and the band called it a day. The releases they left behind for the scene still hold their own. The musicianship and passion of this band, combined with their fearless approach in dealing with the thornier issues of life, epitomize streetpunk and will not be easily forgotten!


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