Death In Custody was a four-piece old school-influenced hardcore band from Detroit, Michigan that played music in the vein of old school stalwarts such as Negative Approach, Agnostic Front and Warzone.

The band released a self-titled four-song demo in November 2002, which the Windy City Webzine described as having an old school hardcore feel, while additional reviews in Guillotine and Heart Attack confirm the intensity of D.I.C. old school appeal, with Guillotine saying, they are definitely worth checking out. The band released another demo in 2003, 'Most Of Our Friends Are Pretentious Assholes', to excellent reviews.

In 2005, the band released another demo, Death In Custody, which Guillotine zine described as 'new songs to thoroughly burn down the hood with'. said, definitely check these guys out if you're into classic old school style hardcore, while Bystander fanzine called it one of the better demos they've come across. Heartattack reviewed the demo, calling it 'Old school hardcore done right.'

Despite trends in the punk/hardcore scene, D.I.C. played the music they've always loved whether its popular or not. Remaining true to themselves and to their music, D.I.C. put in their dues helping keep alive the spirit of old school hardcore.




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