THE CLASS ASSASSINS - State of Emergency

THE CLASS ASSASSINS - State Of Emergency

The Class Assassins pull out all the stops for their first full-length album. These street anthems will knock you out, pick you back up and carry you to the bar.




"The only way a band can make a debut full-length as good as this one is one with experience, and the Class Assassins have plenty of that. A glimpse into the band members' past is like going through a who's who of Canadian streetpunk: Bitter Grin, Hockey Teeth, Direct Action... the list goes on. State Of Emergency is melodic streetpunk done so well it just might set a new standard for other like-minded bands. In some parts you can detect shades of Social Distortion and other times the US Bombs, but the added hard rock edge gives the Assassins their own fresh sound. As one might expect with song titles like "No Justice," "Uprise," or "Freedom," the band delivers a clear message: social and economic injustice has reached the boiling point. The messenger is Chad Nugent, whose unmistakeably soulful voice makes each word resonate. State Of Emergency is never dull or contrived; instead it's always anthemic, sincere, and lively, making this Toronto band's debut one of the best straightforward streetpunk albums put out in a long time." (Phil H)

Stylus, June/July 2002

"Some Toronto boys finally make good and bust into the world of Oi!/gutter punk. Taking their sound straight out of the British slums, these boys are rough, powerful and not something you want to tangle with in a dark alley. Strong production values make this album something that is actually enjoyable to listen to, as their rocksteady 4/4 beats have a way of becoming etched into your brain. A fine export we Canuck dirts can be proud of." (Keith Carman)

Caustic Truths #86

"The debut full-length from Toronto's premiere street punkers conjures up the ghosts of 1977 in fine style. Starting off with an eponynmous track that sounds as if it could be a leftover from an early Stiff Little Fingers recording session, they don't let up until the end of the disc. Jammed with anthemic sing-alongs, the songs are apt to get you wrapped up in their infectious energy. Rife with politically charged numbers like "Urban Rebel," "Uprise" and "No Justice," this is an inspirational trip across the wrong side of the tracks where you learn the lessons they don't teach you in school."

Exclaim! Magazine


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