V/A - Class Pride World Wide

The Class Pride World Wide series is ancient history now, but this is where it all began. Each compilation featured an exclusive lineup of uncompromising street bands from a selection of countries around the world. Class Pride brought the hardest new, rare and unreleased sounds from the hardcore and skinhead set.




"Highlighting the very best of Insurgence Records, CLASS PRIDE WORLD WIDE 3 smacks us across the face with 22 punk-rock and hardcore tracks from artists all across the globe. Many of the tracks featured on this disc deal with the theme of the plight of the working-class man and his never-ending grudge with the corporate police-state world he lives in. It's punk in its purist form. I got a kick listening to German kraut-rock band Freiboiter with their track "Schone Neue Welt". Actually, I enjoyed all the foreign selections quite a bit; maybe more than the U.S. and Canadian tracks. In all, this disc is well worth picking up if you're looking for something new and unheard of." (Matt Edmund)

"When these guys say "world wide," they mean it. Here we have a compilation of working class bands spanning the globe and running the gamut of genres of streetpunk, hardcore, and oi. As with almost every compilation out there, there's gold and there's clunkers. This one beats the average with great tunes by Union Made (Canada), Discipline (Holland), Boiler (Hungary), among a haystack of bands from countries like Italy, Chile, Yugoslavia, Argentina, Japan, England, and the U.S. Well, Russian oi isn't all that great, but it can't stop this comp from being as great as it is. It must have been a hell of an undertaking getting the music from all of these bands and communicating with them all. I'd say it was worth it." (Ty Stranglehold)

Razorcake #33

"This could possibly be the best Canadian compilation to come out in the existence of the Compact Disc. The mighty Insurgence Records from Toronto give us the 2nd volume in the Class Pride series. In this edition, we're given 21 acts from Canada, USA, England Germany, Argentina, Poland, Italy, Euskadi, Brazil, The Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, France and Portugal. The majority of these acts, at least to my knowledge, are fairly obscure and newly formed; with the exception of old English die hards Angelic Upstarts and Red Alert. The music is melodic, hard hitting street punk with an anti-racist and pro blue collar message so strong that not even the language barrier distracts from it. Having that, it is made impossible to pick any particular stand out...all the tracks here are brilliant! This is a must have!" (Aaronoid)


"In the words of Canada's The Class Assassins, 'This one's for the kids!' Mostly oi-punk and punk, unlike volume 1's mixture of ska, dub, punk, and oi. All of the tunes are unreleased or from upcoming records from mostly unknown skinhead bands. The only known acts here are Red alert and the Angelic Upstarts. I'm a fan of The Protest (Czech), Class Assassins (Canada), Razzapparte (Italy), and Sick Sick Sick's male/female ska (Portugal). Thumbs up for including all of the lyrics, that rocks! I dig the internationalist approach of these comps (from North and South America, and Europe), and I really dig the 'Class Not Nation' attitude of Insurgence Records. It's true, the Man wants us squabbling amongst ourselves while He takes the billion-dollar golden parachute for laying off - er, downsizing - 10,000 union workers." (Jesse)

Shredding Paper #14


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