DEATH IN CUSTODY - Infected With Rage

DEATH IN CUSTODY - Infected With Rage

Rage-infected. Unrelenting. Detroit hardcore. This 10-song MCD comes in limited edition 3-inch *fan* format, complete with a bonus track unavailable on other formats.




"Blood For Blood would be so happy to know that their unending well of rage and hatred for humanity has been tapped by another group of loogans. Featuring some of the most aggressive New York-influenced hardcore ever to be packed into three inches of aluminium and plastic (yes, this is a full-sized disc with only three inches of music) Infected With Rage still crams 11 wallops of blast beats, chugging breakdowns and gut-busting screams into what feels like a well-balanced meal. Then again, while anger and frustration are great sources of inspiration, it's tough to keep up throwing down for more than a minute-and-a-half at a time. Regardless, Infected With Rage may run along the same rut as its primary group of influences (Sick Of It All, Haymaker, All Out War) but with the venom dripping out of eloquent shots "Shut Up Fuck You Die," "Sick Of Your Face" and "Fuck That," there's a passion and oh-so-uplifting current that are endlessly entertaining." (Keith Carman)


"I played a little word game while playing this long-overdue release from Detroit maulers Death In Custody (their previous demo came out quite awhile ago). I played a little word game while blasting this on the stereo and wrote down various impressions while listening and came up with 'agitation,' 'mean,' 'toughness,' 'no BS.' I mean, start with the title. That tells you right there this ain't no garden party. Death In Custody come right at ya with a tough, about-to-explode hardcore sound that has a brawny approach but avoids the chug/breakdown element. Instead, part of the influence comes from older Boston and NYC hardcore and I was thinking that before hearing their cover of Last Rights-via-Slapshot's 'Do What You Want.' A lyrical line that sums it all up: 'That smirk that covers your face is where my boot will find its place.' That's from 'Done,' it's about an asshole boss and there's also reference made to said individual 'staring down the barrel of a gun.' Subtle. That's one word that didn't make my list."

Suburban Voice


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