FATE 2 HATE - Iron Fist

FATE 2 HATE - Iron Fist

Rising from the ashes of Montreal's infamous skinhead bands STREET TROOPERS and SEKELS comes FATE 2 HATE with their debut full length. F2H bring their own unique style to the world of hardcore with a heavy sound comprised of powerful breakdowns and vicious vocals.




"From our neighbors to the North via Montreal comes an imported Hardcore heavy with the sounds of Oi. Chocked full of pounding rhythms against the melody lines of some very crafty and well executed guitar work. Really intense hooks that will remind you of Warzone, Agnostic Front and Bloody Sods. But the band has an artistic creativeness which no doubt in 10 years you'll be comparing band x to Fate 2 Hate. These are songs doomed to become classics which will bring forth a slew of wannabes. Tracks like the title "Iron Fist", "Make The Rules" and "Fight For Justice" have set a new high bar for Hardcore and the seven other tracks only widen the distance between the pretenders. Fate 2 Hate is real deal Hardcore, that simple."

Blast online, March 2004

"Nope, this is not the Motorhead release of the same name. As much as I looked for another 'Head reference, I couldn't find one. Fate 2 Hate are very metallic street punk who have managed to pin down an awesome guitar tone on this record. They are from Montreal, but you'd figure they have spent some quality time and have done their homework on the hard, NYHC sound. Great job guys. There are gang chorus parts, lots of chunky breakdowns, and plenty of opportunities to bob yer' bald head to. The riffing is infectious enough to make me want to air guitar! When was the last time you heard someone say that about a hardcore/street punk record? Solid!" (Brad Mitchell)

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