UNION MADE - Hard Grace

UNION MADE - Hard Grace

With its members hailing from a lineage of bands like STREET TROOPERS and FATE 2 HATE, UNION MADE mix long-brewing aggression and brains into real deal hardcore on a mission to kick scene-stagnancy square in the ass. Their debut full length serves up an unrelenting collection of infectious music that fans of CROMAGS and MADBALL will surely go mental for. Contributing to the true aspects of hardcore without coming off as a bad xerox of it, Hard Grace represent the east coast Canadian hardcore scene with sound and fury.




"If old style HC is your poison then this album is well worth checking out. Union Made have a great album here - Musically they?e captured the tradition of all the great old school HC bands such as The Cromags, Agnostic Front and Warzone. Lyrically they remind me of what came out out of NYHC in the 80s but with a more political bite to them. Just check out 'Fate 2 Fate' and 'Free Will'. Over the past couple of years there's been some great bands come out of Canada and this includes Union Made. Production and packing kick ass and any fan of original HC will love this album. 9 out of 10" (SD)

Street Voice

"Most hardcore bands aren't about much, except their lives or lifestyles. Not that there's nothing inherently wrong with that - I'd like to think that hardcore is democratic enough that anyone with enough heart and commitment can mold it to whatever suits them, except white power, of course. It gets a little tiresome, though, when another tough guy clone band comes along and produces more CDs about the same crews stabbing the same backs over the same scene politics - it gets a little old. That is why Union Made's debut album, Hard Grace, is a much-needed breath of fresh air. Simply put, this album rules. Chock full of thirteen tracks of Quebecois hardcore goodness, this Montreal four-piece combines old school Oi-inspired tough hardcore with angry, lyrical righteousness with a pro-working class tilt. Definitely for fans of Sick Of It All and Ramallah. Union Made is made up of members of previous members of Montreal veteran acts, Street Troopers and Fate 2 Hate, who are in turn veterans of the street-level anti-Nazi scenes: in other words, true, 100 percent real hardcore, dudes who mean what they say and can back it up. Do yourself a favor; get your hands on Hard Grace, see these guys when they come to your shit town, or better yet, book a Union Made show in said shit town." (Ali Moosavi)

Hardcore Times


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