FIGHTING CHANCE - ...Thus Hope Fades

FIGHTING CHANCE - ...Thus Hope Fades

Bred on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland, Fighting Chance hit the scene hard with their debut full length. This disk is chock full of aggressive anthems that will remain in your head until they're good and ready to leave. FC fight the good fight and the soundtrack kicks ass.




"Insurgence Records from Canada has a first rate new CD prepared for you - the FIGHTING CHANCE CD. "Thus Hope Fades" is top-shelf skinhead music! This Upper-Marlboro, Maryland crew of baldies kicks a lot of skinhead butt on this release. The working class ethic comes thorough loud and clear in the lyrics of the FIGHTING CHANCE song "Take Back Your Life." The band sings: "Forty hours of sweat and blood/What they offer just ain't enough.../Gotta take matters into your own hands./Make a choice and take a stand./You've gotta stand up and unionize." This is really good skinhead rock & roll with the blue collar priorities firmly planted where they belong." (Bruce Roehrs)

Maximum RocknRoll, July 2003

"Here you have an intense Oi band with an RAC kind of feel but completely opposite politics. They have a lot to say and do so with a lot of charisma and sincerity. The rhythm section is fantastic, the guitars are real hard and solid, and the vocals are low and gruff without sounding too strained. "Death Squad" was written about the College Of Americas which is a terrorist training camp that the US funds and is located in Georgia. While G.W. is fighting the War on Terrorism he openly supports this organization in his own country. "Trained in Georgia by the CIA taught to kill the weak and afraid/Spend fifty billion we'll spend fifty more/ War on drugs? Hah! War on the poor". They also have a whole quarter panel of the CD insert with nothing but a quote by Eugene Debs. While most of the disc has the same intensity throughout, the final cut ("Silence is Murder") has a slower, reggae sound to it. They write songs about war, the lower class, drinking a few beers after work and hating Nazis. A good band to get you ignited." (Lisa)

RocknRoll Purgatory

"This is one of the hardest Oi! bands I've heard in a long time. A working-class band from the unforgiving streets of Baltimore, Maryland, Fighting Chance deliver bone-crushing anthems about worker solidarity, stamping out fascism wherever it exists, and the hardships of everyday life. Thus Hope Fades cruises along at a deceptively fast pace, and the tuned-down guitars and gruff vocals sometimes make it a difficult listen. But the coarseness of their songs is also Fighting Chance's strength even on the melodic "Blue Collar Crime", the sound has a rougher edge than most other bands in the genre. Along with "Blue Collar Crime" the better songs here are "Deathsquad" and a newer, more charged version of the anti-fascist anthem "Cowards Pride". Thus Hope Fades might not be everyone's cup of tea but it's hard not to respect a band who make no apologies for standing their ground on what they feel is right and wrong." (Phil Heidenreich)

Stylus, June/July 2003

Rating: !!!!
"Fighting Chance is a superlative street rock/oi band boasting heartfelt lyrics and tunes. You can feel their anger and frustration simmering to the boiling point, particularly in vocalist Bullseye's delivery. Anyone who's ever been a working stiff, including myself, will relate to this disk. And unlike some bands, they don't simply drown in despair. In spite of the CD's title, hope may fade, but rage and action live on in this band." (Jack Link)

Caustic Truths #91


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