With election-rigging in the US being at the forefront in the news at the time, FC issued this unabashedly anti-politician single. Three brand new exclusive tracks appear on translucent, blood-red vinyl, their first 7" single release. None of the tracks featured here will be found on any of their other releases.

NOTE: Some confusion persists with this release due to a digital version containing 4 remastered tracks from the single that was ORIGINALLY proposed... however, the track 'Blamed' - the real American skinhead anthem in the mix - can now ONLY be found on the single itself. When it's gone.... it's gone!

FORMAT: 7" vinyl EP

500 x red


"It doesn't take too many lyrics to cipher out what the FIGHTING CHANCE are railing about! On side 'A' these Baltimore, Maryland USA leftist street punks. The title song 'Party Lies' has some scathing criticism for the government. Read these lyrics: 'On election day, vote for Scumbag A or Scumbag B / Neither could give a damn about the working class.../ Two parties for the rich and none for the poor' Fuck yes! FIGHTING CHANCE power through two more top quality street punk/Oi! numbers 'Blamed' and 'The System'. FIGHTING CHANCE has a full length LP available on Insurgence Records called Sacrifice & Struggle, which is equally stimulating. FIGHTING CHANCE are a welcome addition to the Insurgence skinhead and punk contingent. Get your FIGHTING CHANCE product as soon as possible!"

MRR, Dec. 2004

"This is three of their older tracks that the label have put out on a nice red vinyl limited release. As I understand it, these were recorded quite a while ago, and having heard the version of their debut album track 'Coward's Pride' on an Insurgence compilation, I guess they were also done before the first CD? They're certainly more like standard Oi! than what they're producing these days, quite a lot slower and less intense, without the HC influence. Lyrically, you still can't fault them, and the anti-politician title track is spot-on, but the production seems more like a demo, and I'd advise getting the two CDs before you consider tracking this down. It'd be a bloody good release from most Oi! bands, but Fighting Chance piss all over your average streetpunk band these days, and three new songs would have been more of a treat. 3/5"

Headwound #17

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