FIGHTING CHANCE - Sacrifice and Struggle

FIGHTING CHANCE - Sacrifice And Struggle


Sacrifice and Struggle is the second full length from this unrelenting outfit, 10 brand new hardcore street anthems to blow your neighbor's eardrums out with.

This release is issued on CD and LP. CD version has a pull-out insert containing lyrics and photos. LP comes in a Limited edition first pressing on blue vinyl with full colour sleeve, housed in a silver-print jacket!


500 x blue



"After pulverizing East Coast audiences with the strength of their debut full-length last year, Baltimore's Fighting Chance have come back before you can catch your breath or let your bruises heal. I detect shades of Slapshot and 25 Ta Life on parts of this album. While still an Oi! band, the brutally heavy songs have taken on a lot more metal and hardcore influence and the result is nothing short of phenomenal. Singer Bullseye's bark has even more bite now and as a whole, the band has channeled their energy to become even more furious and sonically devastating than before. The left-wing leanings continue to blare out of the songs without hesitation like on 'Holyland', Terror Breeds Terror', and 'Global Homicide', while more personal songs like 'Fairweather', a forboding ode to backstabbers, burn with equal intensity. While countless heavy bands are spending their time parodying their scenes or gloating about gangbanging and mindless thuggery, it's nice to see a band like this take the high ground while also rocking you harder than most of their peers" (Phil H)

Stylus Magazine

"Second blistering hardcore full-length from this Baltimore powerhouse. They back up the raging twin axe thrash and chug with some suitably ferocious, intelligent anti-fascist lyrics. Nice to have some H/C with a brain, as well as a heart (and pointy finger). Not to mention some royal guitar solos." (RK)


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