ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Sons of Spartacus

The Angelic Upstarts don't pull any punches on their latest studio full-length. Sons Of Spartacus marks an evolutionary step for the band with a new lineup and all-new material that will charge young and old fans alike.




"I enjoyed the album on first playing, but it's subsequently really grown on me, so now it's No.1 on my current play list. It's not a pure punk or oi album, but is an interesting mix of oi, rock and other styles, with a few classic Oi tracks thrown in ('Safe Haven', 'Getting Old in Tony's Britain', 'Tally Ho Ginger'). There are 15 tracks in all - 13 new Upstarts tracks, a new version of 'Action Man' from the 'Still from the Heart' LP and an adaptation of Bandierra Rossa. The production is excellent, the packaging excellent too (first ever lyrics booklet with an Upstarts album) and the lyrics as passionately delivered and as socialistic as ever. If you're a socialist (or just someone with a social conscience) who likes varied music with a strong Oi influence and a rock tinge, you'll love this album, though if you're a social neanderthal or must have all your music sounding like Discharge, you'll hate it." (Nige)

U.K. Subs messageboard

"Angelic Upstarts are back with an album with a sound not heard since Reason Why?. That's what most reviewers write anyway, and I tend to agree although Bombed Out for instance was much rawer. However Mensi is still well pissed with the state of England in particular. The songs also speak about situations in the world in general and his old favourite subject: Soldiers and war and what and who they are fighting for. That subject is particularly clear in the ballad South Shields born 'n' bred. The Upstarts also does a new version of the old Action Man from the (under-rated) Still From The Heart album which was released back in the early 80's. Plenty of soon to be live favourites here, such as Safe Haven, Supergrass, Tally Ho Ginger and Anti Nazi. I really hope they'll do at least some of the new songs on their gigs. GET IT NOW!!" (El Thommo)


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