THE OPPRESSED - Skinhead Times 1982-1988

THE OPPRESSED - Skinhead Times 1982-1998


Double CD package jam-packed with all the material ever written by The Oppressed. Contains pull-out with extensive liner notes and photos.



"About fucking time!! Far and away the best oi band of all time, their LP 'Oi Oi Music' still gets played round my house, and when I got it back in the 80s I played it to death. Throughout their long career this band has been one of the most actively anti-fascist bands out there (especially in the often 'apolitical' oi scene). Just check some of the song titles: 'Fuck Fascism', BNP (You're Full of Shite)', 'Nazi Nightmare', etc. In fact, after the band split they reformed in response to the growth of fascist skinheads in the British Isles. Disc one is all the 80s goods (including the LP) and is my favorite stuff, including the absolute classic 'Urban Soldiers'. The music and lyrics are pretty simplistic, but they have a character and charm that sets them apart from most other bands in this genre. Disc two is more of the same from the 90s, compiling all their 7"s from that time - no clunkers here at all, but the gems are still on the first disc. Nice packaging with photos and history make for an absolute must buy. Nice one!" (TB)


"33 track double cd which charts the history from 1982 to 1998 of a band who have become probably the most anti-fascist band in the world. To be honest I've not really heard that much by the band even though they've brought out shit loads of records, the first cd (the 80's) is basic no nonsense oi which shows why they've appeared on so many oi compilations. The second cd (the 90's) is more or less an all out attack on the nazis and is made up of mostly cover versions, well sort of, for example "Borstal Breakout" becomes "Nazi Nightmare", "GLC" - "BNP (You're full of shite)", "Flares and Slippers" - "Nazi Skinhead" etc. I think they should send a copy of this to that fuckwit from Kerrang who reviewed an oi tribute album by saying all oi bands were nazis, but I suppose it just shows that even today people still get the wrong impression of skinheads, maybe the Oppressed can help change their minds."

Punk-n-Oi in the UK

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