BISHOPS GREEN - self titled

Greg Huff (Alternate Action, Lancasters) and the boys are back with a brand new streetpunk band that's taking the scene by storm! Their debut release is this 6-song self titled 12" mini-LP

With the first edition of the LP out of print, a Limited Edition 2nd pressing was issued across several North American and European labels on exclusive coloured vinyl configurations. Insurgence received 100 units on Black-n-Blue Splattered vinyl. They won't be around for long! Don't miss your last chance to pick up this elusive 2nd pressing. Comes with a digital download card.


100 x black and blue splatter



Although the bands roots reach back to the late 90’s (according to the band’s biography) it wasn’t until 2011 that Bishops Green got formed in it’s current line-up. And what a line-up this is! All members have rooted deep in the Canadian Oi! and punk scene with (past) bands such as Alternate Action, The Lancasters, Subway Thugs, SNFU and the Authorities.

With this knowledge it’s no surprise that the bands self-titled debut 12” EP hit the scene like an atombomb while it was released a couple of months ago! The six songs that this 12” counts just breaths experience and clocks just over 16 minutes of top of the crop streetpunk music from Canadian soil. With ‘Tumbling Down’, ‘Blinded’, ‘Senseless Crime’ and ‘Stay Away’ Bishops Green not only deliver top quality songwriting but vocalist Greg Huff also provides great lyrics to top things off. The tracklist rounds up with ‘Alone’ and ‘The Crow’ which were two songs by The Lancasters where Greg, guitarist Scott and drummer Orville were originally part of as well.

If you love Oi! and streetpunk music this is a record you must own in your collection. Seven (!) labels took part in this release and each label released their own limited coloured vinyl. For those who don’t own a recordplayer, don’t worry, 500 CD’s of this excellent mini-album got pressed as well! Must buy!

American Oi!


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